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Mental Wellness Corporate Programs

Having a good mental wellbeing is no longer just important, but essential. With most of us working at least 5-6 days a week, work takes up a big part of our lives.

At BRB, we believe in taking steps to support, educate and enhance employee mental wellness in the workplace. Happier and healthier employees lead to higher productivity and output.
Let our clinically validated approach do the work for you.

Our Corporate Services

Individual Intensive

1-to-1 counselling session

Targeted interventions & support (group based)

1-to-1 counselling session

General support for employees

Mental wellness workshops, talks, events for general mental wellness

A STRESSED OUT generation, increasing the need for prevention and support.

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Traditional mental health therapies no longer work.

We bring personalised, on-demand solutions for employee wellness to your workplace.

Interactive Workshops

Support for Colleagues

Mental Health First Aid

What are the different common mental health diagnoses and their symptoms
Creating a team culture

Staff welfare and well-being

Understanding healthy team dynamics, conflict management, how to spur one another towards achievement of goals

Respond to distress

Work Fatigue & Burnt Out Signs

Common mental health problems, symptoms, and early warning signs

What is work related stress

Work Related Stress and how to manage

How to make use of visual cues such as post-its, schedulers, and schedule breaks to maximise workers’ efficiency

Join our 24/7 Online Groups

Offer 1-to-1 confidential therapy session via Telegram!

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You deserve personalised mental wellness plans that change the way employees work, feel and think.

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