Video Support

Welcome to our Secure and Confidential Video Support. Discover a safe space where you can openly express your thoughts and emotions through private and anonymous video sessions.


Get the Help You Need, When You Need It!



Affordable: Experience professional support from the comfort of your own space, priced at different tiers for your needs.

Accessible and Convenient: Receive guidance and care through secure and convenient video sessions.


Flexible Options Tailored to Your Needs

Choose between our 40-minute and 60-minute video therapy sessions, designed to accommodate your comfort level and availability.


Basic and Premium Tiers to Match Your Needs

We offer two tiers of therapy sessions: Basic and Premium. Our therapists specialize in various areas, ensuring you receive the support that aligns with your specific concerns. If you’re unsure which tier is best for you, feel free to speak with us for personalized guidance and recommendations.


Personalized Timings for Your Convenience

We understand that everyone has different preferences and schedules. Our therapy sessions can be arranged at a time that suits you best, ensuring maximum convenience and flexibility.


Ensuring Your Privacy and Comfort

To guarantee your privacy and comfort, we utilize Zoom as our trusted platform to host video therapy sessions. Zoom provides secure and encrypted communication, allowing for confidential and seamless therapeutic experiences.


Certified Therapists Dedicated to Your Well-being

Our team consists of certified therapists who are committed to supporting your mental health journey. They are experienced in providing compassionate care through video sessions, ensuring you receive the same level of expertise as in-person therapy.


Begin Your Journey

To determine the ideal session length and tier for your needs, get in touch with us today. Our dedicated team will assist you in choosing the option that works best for you and help you take the first step towards your well-being.

Leave us your contact details, including your email address, preferred date, and time, and we will reach out to you within 1-2 working days to schedule your video therapy session on Zoom.


Video Support

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