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Organisation burnout

85% of employees don't feel supported.¹

Having a good mental wellbeing is no longer just important, but essential.

Transform employee well-being with our personalised, on-demand tools.

¹ Statistics from Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace

Empower your employees.

At BRB Selfcare, we understand that your employees are your most valuable asset.

Did you know that happier and healthier employees lead to higher productivity and better retention? Let our science backed approach do the work for you.

Certified mental health professionals and therapists

1-to-1 professional guidance to enhance employee productivity and retention

Privacy-First platform

Privacy is our priority. Confidentiality of sensitive employee information is ensured

Science backed, validated resources

Effective, validated tools to cope with stress, anxiety, and other concerns

On-demand therapy solutions

Instant access to professional support whenever and wherever your employees need it

Tailor-made mental wellness
solutions for your company.

Customise services that suit your employee’s needs.

Individual Therapy​

1-to-1 counseling for employee well-being​

Corporate Wellness Workshops

Comprehensive & personalised well-being workshops

Employee Morale and Well-being Events

Engaging events to enhance employee mental health

Why BRB Selfcare?

1 in 2

of employees are experiencing burnout and unhappiness at work

Less than 1 in 10

of employees feel comfortable sharing about their mental health to employer


of employees consider employers' support for mental health when job searching


of employees reported less stress levels after using our services


of employees reported better mood after using our services


of employees will recommend our services to others

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You deserve personalised mental wellness plans that change the way employees work, feel and think.​

Simple and clinically validated, delivered.​