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Experienced certified therapists committed to your mental well-being through life’s challenges.

Our mission

Providing professional mental support to those navigating life’s challenges – wherever and whenever you need it.

When life’s full of twist & turns…
we are here to share that load.

With a decade of clinical experience at a psychiatric hospital, we deliver impactful mental health support.

Say goodbye to ineffective methods.
Embrace validated, science backed mental support for a resilient mind as you navigate life’s transitions.

Founded by a therapist whose compassion shaped a vision.

Through years of therapeutic practice, I’ve witnessed the shadows fear and stigma cast, keeping many from the help they truly deserve. This drove me to create a safe online space, powered by clinical experts – where navigating life’s challenges gets the right support.

And so, BRB was founded: where technology meets compassion, bridging the gap. Our mission echoes: delivering professional mental support for those navigating life’s transitions, anytime, anywhere.

Life’s transitions are unavoidable, yet within them, thriving is possible – and we’re here to navigate it with you.

BRB, selfcare first. Welcome to your safe space.

Joylynn Tan
CEO & Founder

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